Sports Beginning With F – you probably didn’t know

Sports Beginning With The Letter F

Sports beginning with F: It is common knowledge that people adore sports. Everyone has a favorite sport. Therefore, if you enjoy sports, you should know all of their names. In this post, we will explore sports starting with f.

What are sports that begin with the letter F?

Sports Beginning With The Letter F

There were too many sports beginning with f to fit on a single page; therefore, here is a brief explanation of only those sports.


A team sport in which two teams compete against one another to place a spherical ball into the goal of their opponent (a “goal”). Typically, each side has 11 players in various places on the field. The primary objective of each position is to prevent the other team from scoring a goal into their net. It is a game of strategy that takes perseverance and expertise. In addition to tackling and battling for possession of the ball from opposing teams, players attempt to score a goal for their team.

In the United States, football is known as “soccer.” It is believed that around 200 nations play the game, totaling approximately 250 million gamers!

Regarding participation and viewers, football is the world’s most popular ball game. The sport may be played practically everywhere, including on official football fields (pitches), gymnasiums, streets, school playgrounds, parks, and beaches.


Floor Hockey

The word floor hockey refers to a group of indoor hockey sports adapted from several hockey codes. There are five common varieties of the sport, three of which are derived from ice hockey and two from bandy or field hockey.

All variants of floor hockey are played on basketball-court-like wooden surfaces. For various versions, different types of skates and sticks, as well as a ball or puck, are utilized. The purpose of all variants of the sport is to advance the ball or puck towards the opponent’s goal and score as many goals as possible throughout the course of the competition.

Floor Hockey


Fencing, commonly known as Olympic fencing, is a contemporary combat sport. Two fencers confront each other on a six-feet-by-40-feet strip with sword weapons, attempting to contact each other with the tip of the blade. Electrical touches on the instrumented protective garments are scored.

In this sport, three weapons can be used: foil, epee, and saber (spelled “saber” in the United States), and the regulations for each weapon change in terms of which portions of the body are eligible targets and when a hit is scored. Many professional fencers all around the world choose to specialize in only one of these weapons.


Field Hockey

Field hockey is a prominent competitive team sport that is practiced all over the world and is part of the hockey sport family. To score a goal, players use a stick with a curved end to smash a ball into a net.

The game is played on a 90m long by 55m broad field. Teams consist of 11 players, one of them is the goalie. The game is divided into two 35-minute halves, with a 10-minute break in between and stoppages.

Players strike a spherical, firm, rubber-like ball with sticks made of wood or fiber glass. The length of the stick is generally determined by the player’s height. Furthermore, no left-handed sticks are permitted in this sport; only one side of the stick may be used to whack the ball.

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Figure Skating

Figure skating is a winter sport in which an individual or pair performs leaps, spins, and beautiful movements while skating on ice. The sport of figure skating is very plastic and stunning; contests are gorgeous, and competitors provide performances that awe and inspire. There are many skating styles, including freestyle, synchronized team, and dance skating, within the facility.

A figure skating venue is an ice rink. The ice for figure skating is often softer than for other sports involving ice skating. This is because figure skaters must be able to dig their skates into the ice when doing leaps and spins.

Figure Skating

Fin Swimming

Finswimming is an underwater swimming competition in which competitors utilize masks, fins, snorkels, and scuba diving equipment to float and breathe underwater.

Competitions in finswimming are held in both swimming pools and open water. Short-distance races are held in swimming pools, whereas long-distance races are held in open seas. Finswimming, which is sometimes likened to competitive swimming, is distinguished by the use of masks, fins, snorkels, and underwater breathing equipment. This is a reflection of the sport’s roots in snorkeling, breath-hold diving, and open-circuit scuba diving.

Fin Swimming


Five Pin Bowling

Five-pin bowling is considered a form of bowling. This amazing sport is exclusively played in Canada, where several bowling alleys offer it alone or in conjunction with ten-pin bowling. In 1909, Thomas F. Ryan started this sport in Toronto at his own Toronto Bowling Club. He invented this sport in response to his club members’ complaints that ten-pin bowling was too difficult to play.

Because the balls used in this activity are tiny enough to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, they lack finger holes. The player must strike the five pins positioned in a V formation.


Activity fishing is a water sport in which fishermen compete to capture a range of different species of target fish. The sport was born from leisure fishing.

The fishing equipment consists of rods, reels, lines, hooks, and baits. The majority of tournaments are held in deep waters, hence a fishing boat is essential.

Freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing are the two main divisions of the sport based on the type of water.


FIFA’s official indoor soccer game is futsal. It is played on a smaller pitch (about the size of a basketball court) and with a smaller ball. On a level indoor surface with 2m x 3m (6.5′ x 10′) goals and a size 4 ball with decreased bounce, the game is played. The Game rewards ball control and decisiveness. Futsal is often played on an indoor court using a low-bouncing, smaller ball. As players are constantly entering and exiting the court, unlimited replacements are allowed.


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More sports beginning with f

Other sports beginning with f that you can refer to below are absolutely popular sports in many countries and should be tried once if you have a chance.

F.C. Flic Flac Free Ball
Football 7-a-side Flight Archery
Flex Offense Franchise Tag Fives
Flex Franchise Player Five-Pin Billiards
Fletching Frameset Five-pin bowling
Fleeing The Mat Frame Five-a-Side Football.
Fleeing A Hold Fox In The Box Freestyle Skateboarding
Flea Flicker Fourth Down Conversion Freestyle Motocross
Flat Pass Four-Two Freestyle Football
Flare Route Four-Seam Fastball Freestyle Footbag
Flare Four-Point Stance Freestyle Flying Disc
Flagrant Foul Four-Man Bobsled Freerunning
Flagrant 2 Foul Four-Point Play Freestyle BMX
Five-Tool Player Four-Bagger Freediving
Five-One Foul Trouble Finnish Skittles
Five-Hole Foul Tip Field Lacrosse
Fishing (volleyball) Foul Territory Field Handball
First Touch Foul Pole Field Archery
First Down Foul Out (Baseball) Fast Pitch Softball
First Base Coach Foul Line (Bowling) Front Tennis
First Base Foul Ball Frog Racing
Finger Roll Fosbury Flop Free Running
Finish The Check Foul (Bowling) Frisbee
Fight Strap Forward Spin Free Diving
Fight Card Forward Progress Fox Hunting
FIG Forward Pass Fumble Recovery
Fifteen Footer Forty-Forty Club Fumble Lost
Fielder’s Choice (FC) Forehand Grip (Disc Golf) Fumble
Field Position Forehand Flip Fullback
Field Goal Percentage Forehand Full Toss
Field Goal Forecheck Full Strength
Feint Forced Fumble Full-In, Back-Out
Feed Zone Force Play Full-Court Press
Fault Footwork Sequence Full Count
Fast Break Foot Stretcher Frontside Flip
Fast Bowling Foot Rail Frontcourt
Farm Team Foot Fault Front Seven
Fan Spiral Folkstyle Wrestling Front Handspring
False Start (Track & Field) Foil Front Four
False Start (Football) Foible Friendly
False Nine Flyout French Cut
Falling Putt Fly-Half Freeze The Puck
Fall Line Fly Ball Freeze The Hitter
Fake Punt Flop Shot Freestyle Swimming
Fair Catch Interference Flop Free Throw Line
Fair Catch Floor Exercise Free Throw Lane
Fair Ball Floater Free Throw
Fadeaway Float Serve Free Safety
Fade (Golf) Flipper (Cricket) Free Play
Faceroll Flipper (Volleyball) Free Kick (Soccer)
Face-Off Flick-On Free Hit
Face Mask Flip Jump Free Kick (American Football)


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